It was May 9, 2015 when I was thrown over a surprised coverage. I thought it would be another boring coverage, yet turned out to be a very exciting one!

It is all about the inauguration of the center of Galileo Enrichment Learning Program in Cagayan de Oro as it celebrates the company’s decadal anniversary.

The opening kicked off with a motorcade around the town, center blessing and dedication ceremony.

PHOTO SUPPLIED: Galileo Enrichment Learning Center - CDO
PHOTO SUPPLIED: Galileo Enrichment Learning Center of Cagayan de Oro


It also highlighted a parents’ orientation headed by Chief Executive Officer, Ma. Rowena J. Matti, where she discussed the advocacy of Galileo as one of the country’s frontrunners and stakeholders in the advancement of the education of Filipino kids.

There was also an interactive orientation on one of the subjects by Galileo’s Operations and Training Head, Ms. Maribeth Lamis, which I actively participated at. It is one of the exciting activities kids could enjoy inside the center.



In the game, we were given Star Cards and were instructed to put random numbers from 1-30. Then, we were asked with basic mathematical questions which are answered immediately. If ever we have the answer-number in our cards, those will be marked X. The first one who crossed all of her stars will be the winner!


And, unfortunately, I was not the winner. LOL.

After that, Galileo staff let us observed a sample session on Singaporean Math.

And you know how I reacted, I almost cried because solving equations is not really that nerve-racking after all! I was like, “ngano wala man ning Singaporean Math gitudlo sa akong panahon!”


Singaporean Math is a method (curriculum) that is or has been used in Singapore that uses the Concrete > Pictorial > Abstract approach. In my case, more like boxes. Something like this:


Galileo center offers supplement learning in English, Math and Singaporean Math for pre-school and grade school students aging 3-12. Classes are held twice a week, with 30-45 minutes per session.

It targets to provide young learners with training to gain improved grades during regular schooling, become academically competitive, develop positive attitude towards studying and nurture skills and talents, among others.

The center opened in CDO is Galileo’s 36th center. Most of their centers are located in Luzon, along with their head office in Makati. They have centers in Cebu Metropolis and as well, own one in Davao.

Hi Professor Galileo!

Under Galileo Education, students will be given focused on Math, English and Singaporean Math.

For Math, it will start on basic counting, reading and writing numbers, then progresses to the tackling of four fundamental mathematical operations namely, addition, subtraction, multiplication and division. The program will then climb to equations, algebra and geometry through in-depth word problem analysis.

In English, the program revs up the students with the mastery of the fundamental skills, reading comprehension strategies and unleashing of creativity and analytical skills to become more fluent in oral and written communication.

Singapore Math, on the other hand, train students with the best pedagogy of Math. It gives a strong emphasis on model drawing or pictorial forms, and problem-solving. It also prepare students with Math tricks to tackle in increasingly difficult topics in algebra and geometry.

Other than these three subjects, Galileo also offers Galileo Little Explorers program in some selected centers. It is an introductory learning program to Galileo Math and English, anchored on play-based learning. Fun and meaningful learning will be taught to the toddlers, highlighting on early numeracy and literacy skills, practical life skills like manners, socialization, responsibility, awareness of the environment and appreciation of nature.

Galileo Education also means fun in learning! That what makes it exciting. Plus, points during classes will be converted to redeemable Galileo Galleons where kids can purchase anything inside the Toy Store. In there, are school supplies, or other items like cards for any occasions.


It is actually awesome to know that our kids could already enjoy the offers of supplementary centers, for them to appreciate and enjoy learning. The Galileo branch for CDO is located at L/G Knightsbridge Building, Tomas Saco 15th Street, Macasandig. For inquiries, they could be reached through site, Facebook (, Twitter (@galileoenrich), and Instagram (@galileoenrichment), and/or contact numbers: 0917-542-7752 and 0922-834-3240.


Before indulging myself into my full-time “Zzz” Sunday, I am super fortunate to find myself sitting at the Misto “Al Fresco” of Seda Centrio Hotels the night before. It is the one of the expensive yet promising, modern and state-of-the-art hotels in Cagayan de Oro City.

Seda Centrio Hotels is even located in the center of the booming Oro metropolis and creatively connected to Centrio Ayala Mall.



Photo: Misto area inside Seda Centrio
Photo: Misto area inside Seda Centrio

And so because it is Saturday when I went there, it is the Chill and Grill night in Seda Centrio. According to the hotel’s Director of Sales, Ms. Carol Valdez (who accommodated me overwhelmingly), Chill and Grill is one of the activities they organize every week to give more twist and exciting offers to their walk-in diners, which could be a something most of them could look forward to in their hotel.

In the Chill and Grill, customers can enjoy buffet of grilled items with live reggaemusic coming from a band set at the outdoor part of the Misto Al Fresco.


1 (2)

So, this is their band for Saturdays. At that night, there are just two of them though. However, Ms. Carol said that they are many members in this band.








You can have “make your own pasta” in here. You just have to select the ingredients that you like, then give it to the chefs and they will be the one who will cook it. 10 9


Above the outdoor area, customers could also have a view on the blue swimming pool. I also found out that the pool area could only be availed until night time, particularly 10pm. Overnights are not allowed. Other than, Chill and Grill, there are also other one-of-a-kind food preparations Seda is up to. The entire week is a food festival where themes are unique each day, such as for example during Mondays, they are into “Alacart.” In the other days, they prepare sea foods, and international cuisines.

Photo: Screenshot from Seda Hotels website.
Photo: Screenshot from Seda Hotels website.

You can also visit for more food offerings from Seda Centrio Hotel.


Having a good night sleep is quite challenging to most of us, especially to those who work all day either in front of the computer (which means radiation) or under the super hot sun. It takes a couple of hours for you to experience a good slumber because there is still these headache, neck pain, back or muscle pain to ruin your only-time to rest.

It is not just the medicine or food that could cure whatever discomfort you might have. There are times that all you need is just a soft and huggable pillow.

Uratex Philippines, the country’s largest manufacturer of commercial and automotive polyurethane foam products offers best kind of comfort anyone is looking for. They have variety of products from mattresses, pillows, living room set to anything that has foam content. And yes, they have the best kind of foam you want to sit on or lie on.

It invests in newer and updated technologies to gain operational excellence in order to manufacture the best foam products that conform to the strictest global standards yet are available at the most affordable price segments.

Uratex embraced the “Hydra-gel Technology” as part of getting into innovation. This is also a something that Uratex is proud of. This technology allows the infusion of gel beads to lower body temperature down to two degrees, so that there will be “Tulog ay mahimbing, masarap ang gising,” as what its slogan said.

Uratex is a brand under RGC Group of Companies and is famous for its commitment to product quality and excellence, sound financial management and inspiring people skills. Its “Quali 5 Cellular Techology” also ensures high degree of product superiority and world-class quality. This Quali 5 Cellular Technology summarizes the Uratex qualities to success, namely: strong adherence to quality, quality assurance for it’s ISO-certified company, world class state of the art equipment used in producing foams, world-class formulation and process engineering technology and usage of best raw materials.

The good news that I want to tell you is that Uratex has already expanded its networks here in Cagayan de Oro through plant and showroom located in Gusa, Cagayan de Oro City. It was opened to the media people last week.

The Uratex showroom is made to expose the entire collection but its products are also available in its retailer malls such as Gaisano and Limketkai Mall.



Photo: Mr. Shaun Uy


Uratex business also include plastic products, aside from the foam. Actually, RGC Group of Companies in which Uratex is under, is a house of a number of companies! RGC Group of Companies thriving foam businesses began in 1968 through its founder Robert Cheng and later on expanded into related businesses to address the growing needs of the automotive furniture, bedding, footware, textile, garment, and food industries. Under its roof include Multican and Roberts Automotive and Industrial Part MFC Corporation, RGC Textile Manufacturing Corporation and Multiflex RNC Inc.


The first pic is a chair that’s like Lola’s rocking chair. Modern rocking chair though!


The launching held also included a plant tour where we were introduced to the processes that involves on how foam are processed and foam products such as mattresses are made. It actually goes on three stages, in which one is “cunning” (I’m not a good listener though). But after foam are formed from its liquid stage, it will wait 24 hours to be cut. Those will be then tested in the laboratory if it’s safety enough, and soft enough too, to be made into mattresses. To the ones who won’t pass will be recycled and used in other ways. I’m sorry, I don’t have pictures of their plant because we are not allowed to.


-and, but course. ‘took this instead. LOL.


Photo: Mr. Shaun Uy

Uratex, media practitioners and bloggers photo op.



It was a result of a postponed coverage that I found myself inside the cozy place of Chub’s Diner. Tagging itself as “diner across the street,” this pigging out venue is located at Corrales Avenue in Cagayan de Oro, beside Metrobank and fronting Coffeeworks.

At the first glance of the menu, I almost squeaked out “whoaaa!” for the servings are affordable, and mouth-watering and one look of each one will assure you that you will get out full and post in your social media accounts with something like “cravings satisfied.”

I ordered Chub’s Double Cheese Burger that costs around P180.00. It has two patties and two burger bread.


At first, it worried me on how to start off with a very very big burger. Then, I started to slice a piece, and decided to take out the rest. Apologies, but I really can’t finish it off. It is so yum-yummy delicious! and yes, satisfyingly worth the pay.

I also had the chance to take bites with the share I had from what my friends ordered.


This Fries Family Platter that comes with combo of Chub’s Fries, Mexican Fries and Chili Cheese. It is excellent for family bonding or for circle of friends who want to indulge some pig out while having couples of catching up.


This one is for those who want to have something heavy during one of the major meals of the day.

Crispy Pork Adobo is a classic Filipino dish that could be availed for only P190.00 at Chub’s All-Day Breakfast meals.

They also have more than that.  The bomb Chub’s have is this Chub’s Challenge where you have to eat a foot-high burger! Oh moe, that’s quite not a “just” challenge for big eaters out there. LOL.

Photo: Chub’s Diner Facebook Page

Making your tummy happy is like putting yourself hyped up in the rest of the day. Surely, Chub’s Diner will you make more productive in your working hours, and yes, dine in their place for some more time.




Photo: Chub’s Diner Facebook Page

For inquiries, Chub’s Diner could be reached through these digits: 310-2039 and 0927-910-8528.


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