Blogging the Life in Style


As you all could see. I have changed my blog title from Somewhere Beautiful to Her Life in Style.

Well, starting last month I decided to be active to the blogosphere. I just thank God that most blogging events come after office or during weekend for it to not interrupt with my important Monday to Friday, 8am to 5pm workload. It is just something that I look forward to though. The same feeling to what I had even during the very first blog post I made, blogging has been a source of comfort, my de-stressing zone and a venue for me to isolate myself from this busy world where I always put up with situations and anxiously beat deadlines.


SnR Soft-opening and Site Tour


SnR 2

I covered a number of events every month together with CDO Bloggers and office mates and at times, travel with my friends and colleagues which thankfully I saw as a venue to fill up my space here at the internet. Being with handful of people I share interests with made me come up with niche that I particularly should focus to, in order for this blog to be organized. I decided to attend to Lifestyle primarily and Travel secondary, in which I could just insert Community and Culture within the post. If opportunities permit, other subjects might be included.

So, why Her Life in Style? You might initially thought that I am one particular to Fashion now (Though I could tackle on that some time if I am confident enough). Life was never plain. It might be when you are stuck on your laptop screen inside your room for hours, analyze your Algebra or Logic assignment every day of your life, or just work and work and work over mountains of paper works. These tasks, though it surely fill your bank accounts or help you in your grades, are surely draining. There is so much in the city you live in. Believe me when I say tasting a signature coffee of a coffee shop or tasting a slice of cake somewhere in your place will relax your day. There’s nothing bad in shifting activities a little bit in just an hour or two.

Sisig Sipa

(c) Pete’s Patriots Gastro Pub


Pane e Dolci

Greenwich 2


Greenwich – SM Cagayan de Oro

CDO Sinuglaw

Bigby’s Cafe

Boy Zugba

Boy Zugba

So what my blog suggests are places to visit, activities to do, something to see as reward for yourself or just simple stories to keep you inspired and going. Life could be a little twisted, out of tune, or a kind of hanging but keeping it at the line, with color and in style is important.

The Nest CDO

The Nest CDO


Maison de Bon Bon


Duka Bay Resort

So friends, be with me somewhere beautiful, I am gonna telling you a story something good – welcome to this space where I blog about my Life in Style.

Few things I love about shopping at S & R

I know, especially you Kagay-anons, learned about what is new in this big city today. Well, to those busy bees, let me inform you that the famous S & R Membership Shopping is already here in Cagayan de Oro!

Standing big and tall at Kauswagan Hi-way, S & R Membership Shopping reintroduced the best things about warehouse shopping, a practice typical to other countries like US. It is so fortunate that I was invited to a site tour and press conference before the grand launch yesterday. So let me share what I love about S & R Membership Shopping.

1 S_R Interior

1. The idea of membership. Being a member means that you belong! Might be in a family, circle of friends, or thesis group. It’s just that here at S & R, it is defined as a club which membership means low prices for goods and items available in the store! It is truly wonderful to know that clients are well identified and have been given the chance to enjoy what they have enrolled to. In the press con, its VP for Operations, Mr. Greg Keyer, said that the shopping center ultimately gives utmost value to its members.


2. Membership Card. Precious ticket upon entering is of course, the S & R Membership Card. There are 2 kinds of cards, the business membership and gold membership, which cost 900.00 and 700.00, respectively. What’s more in this card is you can bring three of your friends and you all enjoy the card’s benefits.

2 Round Cakes

3 Hiland Ice Cream

5 Pepero

5 Kirkland Almonds

5 Skippy

3 Freezers

3 Fresh Meat

3. Fresh products and imported goods. There are certainly a lot of imported goods and items that you will find inside. When we went there, one of my friends said that most pasalubong items that her relative abroad has sent them are available in the store. Exciting, isn’t it? It feels like you’re entering a foreign-country store and just bring home groceries like pasalubong from a foreign land. Plus, they offer fresh products, like meat and veges! And oh, they have salads packed in a microwavable containers ready to be mixed.


9 Cheese

4. New York Style Pizza. Attention pizzaholics! I have tried their pizza and I find myself eager to come back in the place. Big portion of the place is all about pizza (and food of other kinds too!). I say, this is one major reason why I have to use my membership card again and again. Aside from that, they also have this giant muffins with a lot of chocolates in it. Nomnomnom!

9 Calzone


5. Instagrammable white wall. See that picture of me above? Well social media savvy will surely love its interiors. There is a clean white wall all around it, and I find ventilation really good.


6. Friendly and accommodating staff. S & R surely made an extensive training to their crew, and you will find each one smiling at you and waiting to be called for assistance. This is one of the things I am observant about as a costumer, because their kind of people reflects how the management handled the store and I am certain that S & R is an outstanding compliant of this.

1 S_R Facade 3

9 Big Taste Big Fun

For more info about S & R, you may visit their site and Facebook page.


CDO Bloggers with Mr. Greg Keyer, VP for Operations of S & R Membership Shopping.. Photo from

Note: Store photos supplied by S & R Cagayan de Oro.

Limketkai Luxe’s Sous Chef bags award on Chefmanship Academy


Unilever Food Solutions (UFS) held its globally successful Chefmanship Academy here in the City of Golden Friendship last July 21, 2016 with the goal of spreading the mark of true chefmanship.

During the past years, the Philippine food industry has shown remarkable growth which is an appropriate time for UFS to support the various chefs all over the country who are being challenged by the increased competition in the market.

The Chefmanship Academy was first started last 2009 by UFS Germany to help restaurateurs and chefs to improve their businesses through a series of workshops and seminars. The training modules made for the workshop focused on Menu Planning, Counting Costs, Food Plating and Presentation, and Banqueting led by Executive Chef Joanne Limoanco-Gendrano, her Sous-Chef Carlos Aluning and their team. Through the session, the chefs shared important food trends, insights and learnings about running a food business.

For the last part of the workshop, there was a cooking competition called Elite Chef Challenge wherein chefs from different restaurants and hotels within the province were tasked to prepare their best noodle-based dish using the ingredients provided by UFS in a span of 45 minutes. From the 15 chefs who joined, the champion of the said competition was Chef Benjie from Limketkai Luxe Hotel. He prepared a delicious Thai-style seafood noodle soup that the judges loved. According to them, they chose his dish because it was “very well thought out and well prepared”.

The dish is called, Glass Noodles Seafood with Tofu in Coconut Milk Kaffir Lime Soup. The ingredients of which are the following: Glass Noodles (Sotanghon), Shrimp, Fish Cake, Kani Stick, Tofu, Coconut Milk, Kaffir Lime Leaves, Lemon Grass, Knorr Napoli, Knorr Shrimp Powder, Knorr Chicken Broth, Knorr Lime Powder, Fish Sauce, Fresh Shitake Mushroom, Cherry Tomato, Fried Shallots, Ginger, White Onion, Garlic and Chili.

Limketkai Luxe’s General Manager Jerome F. De La Fuente, for his part commends Chef Benjie’s effort in creating dishes that do not just excites the palates but a dish that is poured with hardwork.

Chef  Benjie’s Glass Noodles Seafood with Tofu in Coconut Milk Kaffier Lime Soup will also be a featured dish at Kave Restaurant.

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Seafood Symphony at the Kave Restaurant

Seafoods symphony (Medium)


I am calling all those pescatarians out there! Hand’s up please? I have a good news for you!

I know that all of us loves Friday so much, like we always exclaim TGIF (Thank God It’s Friday!). In this, Kave Restaurant of Limketkai Luxe Hotel is happy to announce about their Seafood Symphony, the restaurant’s every Friday delight.

For only P698.00, diners will get a great deal of a gastronomical feast of sumptuous seafood dishes. Guys, how can you ever refuse to devour those drooling dishes, with dessert buffet included?

So, see you at Seafood Symphony from 6pm tp 10pm, every Friday at the Kave Restaurant!

Be updated of the upcoming Pokemon GO Phl launch thru Freenet

freenet Pokemon Go Microsite-final

Enjoy the best of the Pokemon GO worldwide craze with freenet and PayMaya

Filipinos keenly anticipating the launch of Pokemon GO can now stay updated on the upcoming release of the game in the Philippines and fully enjoy the game when it launches with the help of freenet and PayMaya.

Now a certified worldwide phenomenon, Pokemon GO is a location-based mobile game developed by Niantic Labs in partnership with Nintendo affiliate The Pokemon Company. The mobile game allows players to catch Pokemon or “pocket monsters” as if in real life using the GPS and camera of their smartphones.

The game is currently available in Australia, New Zealand, USA, UK, and select European countries. It has yet to launch in any Asian country, including Japan where the original Pokemon game originated.

Get Pokemon GO updates with freenet

Those who want to stay updated on news about the upcoming release of the game in the Philippines may now download the freenet app on the Google Play Store and the Apple App Store. Through freenet, Smart, TNT, and Sun subscribers will be able to read the latest news and social media feeds from the local Pokemon GO community for free and with no data charges.

This is part of freenet’s mission to enable communities such as those who are eager to play Pokemon GO to stay active and participate in various activities and discussions through digital means.

This follows the successful livestreaming of President Rodrigo Duterte’s inauguration and the Gilas Pilipinas FIBA Olympic Qualifying Tournament games through freenet, which allowed Filipinos to be digitally present in these historic events even if they are not physically able to do so.

Purchase Pokecoins with PayMaya

Meanwhile, once the Pokemon GO app launches in the Philippines, players will be able to fully enjoy the game through in-app purchases with the help of PayMaya, the easiest way to pay online even without a credit card.

Players only have to download the PayMaya app on the Google Play Store or the Apple App Store, load up their accounts with at least P60 to cover the standard app store verification fee, and link their virtual VISA card to their app store accounts to be able to make in-app purchases for Pokecoins, the in-app currency used inside the Pokemon GO game.

With the help of Pokecoins, players will be able to purchase various items that will help them easily navigate the game, such as Pokeballs to catch Pokemon with, Pokemon eggs that allow them to “hatch” Pokemon, Potions to restore the health of their Pokemon, and Incense and Lure Modules that make it easy to attract wild Pokemon to their immediate vicinity.

In-app purchases are made more convenient with PayMaya as mobile game players can easily load up at any of the over 15,000 PayMaya reloading stations nationwide that include SM Malls Business Centers, Robinsons Department Stores, Bayad Centers, 7-Eleven stores with Cliqq kiosks, TouchPay Kiosks, and Smart Padala Centers, on top of online banking via BDO.

Aside from the mobile app, PayMaya customers can also opt to have their own PayMaya physical prepaid card which can be used in brick-and-mortar stores worldwide that accept Visa. A variant also comes with its own beep™ wallet, allowing users to ride the MRT, LRT, some city buses and other beep™-powered transportation for their daily commute, so they can easily explore the city in search of wild Pokemon.

Users who upgrade their PayMaya account can use their PayMaya for peer-to-peer money transfers and ATM withdrawals.

For more information about PayMaya and how users can get their own PayMaya card, visit To know more about the free and fun way to connect through freenet, visit


Image from

This is a press release from Smart Communications.

Review: Mangima Canyon Spring Resort

Last week, I was assigned to travel to Mangima for a very important coverage. We were housed at Mangima Canyon Beach Resort located at Mangima, Manolo Fortich, Bukidnon.

So, to share a part of my experience there, I am providing you few of my photos and observations.





The resort has a very nice morning view.









Photo Source: Sir Zen






  1. The morning view of the vast greens and sunrise.
  2. It is undeniable that the place offers fresh air because it is partly remoted and away from the city. Plus, trees surround the place.
  3. Clean water assured. I saw them cleaning the pool, and they said they do it every morning, as the usual compliance. It is not also crowded, except summer time perhaps. The place is so wide.
  4. They have event space.
  5. For safety purposes, customers are required to wear swimsuits.
  6. The place is just beside a road, so you don’t have to panic if you’re lost at the middle of a jungle. It is just easy to find.


(Hmm, or part I am not just so happy about)

  1. Someone left a comment on my Facebook that the place progressed compare to the last time he visit, so I told him to enjoy the pool but I discourage to stay there overnight as much as possible. True, there is electric fan and rooms are screened, but mosquitoes are hell intelligent insects and they always find ways inside the rooms.
  2. They sell everything you need as a customer. There store has tissue, soap, shampoo, conditioner, snack crackers, and even dishes like kikiam, fishballs, dimsum, siomai (a fave!), and a lot more! But their attending staff is just so mataray. Sorry not sorry! I am just telling the truth.
  3. The comfort room inside the rooms are clean, but it should at least be widened and facilities can be improved (I am not sure, but I heard it is LGU-owned, officials might still finding budget for repair and maintenance).
  4. If you lost one of their room keys, it is worth one big 1,000.00! So better be careful.





Unleash your nerdy + coffeeholic side at The Librewry Cafe

I am an addict of books. Some time, I thought that I might born a reader. Even during my childhood years, I can always remember how I patronized my Filipino – Pagbasa books with stories centered on a Filipino family teaching values to the young readers, and even The Little House Books. It is a true life book series of the author Laura Elizabeth Ingalls Wilder, and is composed of ten books. I first read the earlier chapters during fourth grade, and then, you’ll surely not believe it, but I have only finished reading the tenth book last August 2015. You know what, the time I read that last book, I was a bit frustrated. I hate endings and imagining Laura growing old in this book made me perceive that I grow along with her. It has been a long book search, for it took years for me to complete the book. See, that is how books can easily infect me.

To add more to my story, I was also a resident of our library during college (aside from staying late at the e-library to read Kryz Uy and Laureen Uy’s blogs , hehe). It is so fortunate of me though to stick in a circle of classmates who loves to read (and sleep in the lib too), reason for me to love our library more. In fact, I have used all of my paid hours in both lib and e-lib, why I can say, I have enjoyed the privileges my tuition has paid. Hehe.

After college however, I found it hard to read books that can be useful for research. Internet cope up with the pace, but it is true that everything you research online should be carefully curated. I only visited the City Lib once and as much as I want to visit it more often, time just don’t permit because it closes 5pm.





Lucky for Cagayan de Oro City, The Librewry Café made its grand opening earlier today! It is a coffee shop, plus library located along Velez Street (Fronting Sentro 1850, and beside The Redtail). Guys, I suggest that you should memorize that address up there because café’s false front is really false. It’s door is just tiny, but once you made it inside, you will surely feel like a Nancy Drew finally at the top of the mystery. The place is honestly wide, with two storeys.












The Librewry Café made its soft opening only a week ago, but starting today, it is already opened 24/7 to provide you the best venue to have a cup of hot coffee while doing your research or  to sit back and relax while reading John Green’s The Fault in Our Stars.