Proud Kusina Bisaya – Boy Zugba opens second branch


It is very usual for us Filipinos to stuff ourselves with good food – most especially when we worked our butt so hard in the entire day. It seems that it is just the delicious barbeque that could relax our overused brain and tired body.

So, it is pretty much the main reason that at the end of the day, we find ourselves thinking where we could dine and eat the stress away.

Last night I joined the Blogger’s Night and Media Sneak Peek for Boy Zugba’s newest branch in Centrio Ayala Mall. Boy Zugba – Kusina Bisaya (Blogged here as well) is a Filipino-themed grill house that offers modern and casual counterpoint to traditional Kagay-anon home-cooked meals, catering premium food selection ranging from an array of grilled food items to meals we usually find in Cagayan de Oro karenderias or even at home. To simply say, Boy Zugba’s menu is full of offerings which people really love to it.

See below on the things I stuffed myself of, and what actually happened. If you follow me on IG, I posted some short video clips from last night.








Their specialty, “What’s you plan, leche flan?” (Witty again!)




Hi Boy Zugba! (Nasa likod nila Ate.)





Boy Zugba is as well famous on it’s Trivia Night every Tuesday, nighttime. And though it won’t be held at the new branch yet, our brains went drained once again for a trivia session was held on that blogger’s night.


I am so proud of my teammates for winning. I haven’t helped that much. Lol. Sorry.


Boy Zugba’s first branch is in Corrales Avenue, which originally introduced the food venue’s concept of mixing the past and present in dining – home cooking and Filipino street food. Boy Zugba is known for its witty, Bisaya food names such as Pisbol sa Corrales, Pansit sa Pulis and Sinuglaw de Cagayan, proving true to its form as a proud Kusina Bisaya food joint. Everyone’s all-time favourite Cheezzy Chorizo – one of Pinoy’s top choice is also available in Boy Zugba.

I also learned that soon, Boy Zugba will be launching new and innovative line of dishes such as Buko Pancit, Chika Chicharon, Binaki, Bistek Bisdak, Na-uyapan na Baboy and several others.

What I loved about Boy Zugba is its food is meant for sharing. Diners can avail a extra big platter of everything available in the place (Hello Boodle Fight).




Hi. Lol.


TOMORROW, SEPTEMBER 18 is the big day! Boy Zugba – Centrio Ayala Mall Branch will be opening its doors to the public! If you’ll be going there (and I hope you could come because I am inviting you right now!), you can expect a large group of families and friends, laid-back atmosphere, and of course, comfortable and good food at an affordable rate.

So, see you tomorrow! Atung bisitahun ang ikaduhang balay ni Boy Zugba! It is located at the Third Floor of Centrio – Ayala Mall.



For more information and promo updates, visit or their Facebook page.

Pacifico Boutique Hotel CDO launches mega promo

Cagayan de Oro City is known as the business hub of Northern Mindanao which means most of the working people in the region are employed here. However, for individuals whose home is outside the Oro vicinity, it has always been a challenge to where to stay comes situations that there is no other choice but to find somewhere to sleep for a night or two.

For the purpose of orienting you, speaking here is someone who is used of commuting from home to work. Though there are times I am attracted to just consistently stay at my cousin’s place after work (which is located at Iponan, by the way), I feel that it is much different to be just at home after an entire day of staring at the computer monitor. I do not know about you but as for me, going home to my loved ones just relieves all my stress and exhaustion.

Still, I have to admit that there are already countless of times that I find no other way to go home. It might be because our emergency meeting went beyond 9:00pm that it is not already safe to commute back home, or it might be raining hard or the traffic was stressfully heavy because of an accident somewhere. These are moments which always stress me times I encounter one. Thus, the safest way to go is to rent a place right in the heart of Cagayan de Oro and sleep the night away.

I am much happy to know that The Pacifico Boutique Hotel decided to treat its customers with a very exciting, mega discounted promo for both their standard and deluxe rooms.


Do you know that for only Php 1,499.00 (book and buy basis) and for a minimum of 2-night stay, guests can stay at The Pacifico CDO’s modern and spacious rooms? Plus, these rooms are equipped with 12-inch thick mattresses, bamboo silk sheets, blackout curtains, fast and free 100 Mbps wireless Internet, 40 inch wide screen cable TV, floor to ceiling view of the city and large bathrooms with hot and cold water running through rainshower heads. In addition to that, each room also comes with free breakfast for two.


pacifico hotel lurury room

Just a few steps away from CDO’s major tourist spots such as Divisoria, Duaw Park, St. Augustine Cathedral, Gaston Park and City Museum (including the exact location used to be the starting point of the 2016 Higalaay Festival Higalas parade of floats and icons during fiesta season), the Pacifico Boutique Hotel has an air-conditioned mezzanine where guests can comfortably watch the view outside.


This boutique hotel also consists the city’s only rooftop bar, the E-Bar. This is where visitors can have the best urban sunset view while listening to cool rhythms courtesy of their in-house artists and enjoy the numerous cocktails, wines and hors d’oeuvres.

As for non-CDO residents like me, working late (which I am an addict) or catching up with friends during the evenings will never be spoiled anymore for The Pacifico Boutique Hotel CDO is there to catch you when you fall (Hugot? Lol). The good thing is compared to other hotels, this boutique hotel is not a pain in the pocket and every cent spent worth the stay!



To avail of the promo rate, you may call 0917 864 4099 or 0998 549 3629 or simply like their official Facebook page:

The Pacifico Boutique Hotel is located at Velez corner – Fernandez Streets, Cagayan de Oro City.

Blogging the Life in Style


As you all could see. I have changed my blog title from Somewhere Beautiful to Her Life in Style.

Well, starting last month I decided to be active to the blogosphere. I just thank God that most blogging events come after office or during weekend for it to not interrupt with my important Monday to Friday, 8am to 5pm workload. It is just something that I look forward to though. The same feeling to what I had even during the very first blog post I made, blogging has been a source of comfort, my de-stressing zone and a venue for me to isolate myself from this busy world where I always put up with situations and anxiously beat deadlines.


SnR Soft-opening and Site Tour


SnR 2

I covered a number of events every month together with CDO Bloggers and office mates and at times, travel with my friends and colleagues which thankfully I saw as a venue to fill up my space here at the internet. Being with handful of people I share interests with made me come up with niche that I particularly should focus to, in order for this blog to be organized. I decided to attend to Lifestyle primarily and Travel secondary, in which I could just insert Community and Culture within the post. If opportunities permit, other subjects might be included.

So, why Her Life in Style? You might initially thought that I am one particular to Fashion now (Though I could tackle on that some time if I am confident enough). Life was never plain. It might be when you are stuck on your laptop screen inside your room for hours, analyze your Algebra or Logic assignment every day of your life, or just work and work and work over mountains of paper works. These tasks, though it surely fill your bank accounts or help you in your grades, are surely draining. There is so much in the city you live in. Believe me when I say tasting a signature coffee of a coffee shop or tasting a slice of cake somewhere in your place will relax your day. There’s nothing bad in shifting activities a little bit in just an hour or two.

Sisig Sipa

(c) Pete’s Patriots Gastro Pub


Pane e Dolci

Greenwich 2


Greenwich – SM Cagayan de Oro

CDO Sinuglaw

Bigby’s Cafe

Boy Zugba

Boy Zugba

So what my blog suggests are places to visit, activities to do, something to see as reward for yourself or just simple stories to keep you inspired and going. Life could be a little twisted, out of tune, or a kind of hanging but keeping it at the line, with color and in style is important.

The Nest CDO

The Nest CDO


Maison de Bon Bon


Duka Bay Resort

So friends, be with me somewhere beautiful, I am gonna telling you a story something good – welcome to this space where I blog about my Life in Style.

Unleash your nerdy + coffeeholic side at The Librewry Cafe

I am an addict of books. Some time, I thought that I might born a reader. Even during my childhood years, I can always remember how I patronized my Filipino – Pagbasa books with stories centered on a Filipino family teaching values to the young readers, and even The Little House Books. It is a true life book series of the author Laura Elizabeth Ingalls Wilder, and is composed of ten books. I first read the earlier chapters during fourth grade, and then, you’ll surely not believe it, but I have only finished reading the tenth book last August 2015. You know what, the time I read that last book, I was a bit frustrated. I hate endings and imagining Laura growing old in this book made me perceive that I grow along with her. It has been a long book search, for it took years for me to complete the book. See, that is how books can easily infect me.

To add more to my story, I was also a resident of our library during college (aside from staying late at the e-library to read Kryz Uy and Laureen Uy’s blogs , hehe). It is so fortunate of me though to stick in a circle of classmates who loves to read (and sleep in the lib too), reason for me to love our library more. In fact, I have used all of my paid hours in both lib and e-lib, why I can say, I have enjoyed the privileges my tuition has paid. Hehe.

After college however, I found it hard to read books that can be useful for research. Internet cope up with the pace, but it is true that everything you research online should be carefully curated. I only visited the City Lib once and as much as I want to visit it more often, time just don’t permit because it closes 5pm.





Lucky for Cagayan de Oro City, The Librewry Café made its grand opening earlier today! It is a coffee shop, plus library located along Velez Street (Fronting Sentro 1850, and beside The Redtail). Guys, I suggest that you should memorize that address up there because café’s false front is really false. It’s door is just tiny, but once you made it inside, you will surely feel like a Nancy Drew finally at the top of the mystery. The place is honestly wide, with two storeys.












The Librewry Café made its soft opening only a week ago, but starting today, it is already opened 24/7 to provide you the best venue to have a cup of hot coffee while doing your research or  to sit back and relax while reading John Green’s The Fault in Our Stars.



Featured image grabbed from Google.


Yas, it was my birthday last 13th and I enjoyed it a lot. 22 has been much of a young adult to adulthood nearing the so-called quarter life. 23 is more though. This is to be more responsible, wise and sound decision-making, more of bravery, patience, learning and selfless service. Less of self, more of family.

In my 23 years in this world, there are victories and failures, happiness and heartbreaks but these all have made a Book of Experiences, teaching me to be more of what I am, what I have and what I can. I cannot promise myself or the whole world anything but as I grow older, I will strive hard and enough to be a better person.

Thank you to all who remembered me in my big day. It was so overwhelming reading your birthday greetings and messages, telling me how important I am or scolding me over my stubbornness. Both are appreciated. Much love and a number of kisses, friends!

Experience mid-century dining at Greenwich – SM CDO

Pizza these days has been an epitome of modern celebration. Might it be to celebrate birthday, a small achievement or to treat thyself after a tiring yet productive day. Agree? Surely, it is not really bad to sometimes shift from blowing candle on a top of chocolate dream cake, and bite a Hawaiian pizza instead.

And while you’re thinking to where you will haunt for pizza later after seeing that photo up there, you can consider this suggestion.

Greenwich in SM City Cagayan de Oro recently introduced the newest design of their branch. The usual modern fast food look of green and red was transformed into a mid-century, classical design with a modern twist. Its interiors are made more rustic through wood and brick elements, and inside, there are wooden pizza peels, tin buckets, and colourful ceramics to tie the concept together in the goal of making Greenwich look like what it should be – a true pizzeria, making it a home for all pizzaholics and foodie alike out there.





So there! I think there is nowhere else to celebrate whatever in there you tag success. Small achievements should not perceived small, right? It should be done in your happy place, somewhere lively and insta-perfect, to incredibly realize your “feed goals.”

The new Bacon Cheese Pizza
Bacon Crispy Thins


Plus friends, Greenwich released its newest, tastiest pizza flavors – Bacon Cheese Pizza and Bacon Crispy Thins. There are a lot of new in Greenwich, indeed! After all, when it comes to baconized, cheesified, delicious pizza, Greenwich is always ahead of the line.


So, pizza anyone? Yes, the same place, the same time, the same pizza.

Davies Paints iColor mobile app and more

Davies Paints Reinvented (Davies Paints Philippines Inc.), the so-called premiere in paints, chemicals and coatings opened its new and bigger showroom here in Cagayan de Oro City last September 14 in which our company has covered.

Davies Paints used to house their office inside Limketkai Mall. They decided to move and expand in order to provide better and faster services to their customers. This showroom located at Kauswagan will serve the entire Northern Mindanao and Caraga region.

PHOTO: Sir Shaun Alejandrae Yap Uy




(PHOTOS: Borrowed from Sir Shaun Alejandrae Yap Uy)

Along with their new branch opening, they also introduced their Davies iColor mobile app. It could be downloaded in both iOS and Android smartphones. What I love about this app is that it allow users to customize perfect shade, choose complementary hues and visualize their dream rooms in just one click.

Enjoy painting favorite shades on your dream home. This can be done through Davies iColor app by Davies Paints Reinvented.
Enjoy painting favorite shades on your dream home. This can be done through Davies iColor app by Davies Paints Reinvented.

Its powerful features include:

  1. Color Capture. In here, user can capture an inspiration photo, and the app will determine its color.

  2. Color Collections. It is a catalog of paint colors. Davies Paints has more than 7,000 colors under it.

  3. Designer Schemes. It is where a user can visualize a room in his chosen color palette.

  4. Paint Calculator. This feature helps customers calculate the amount of paint needed and also its equivalent cost.

  5. Specs Writer Guide. It is a scroll manual that could help professionals specify required paints.

  6. Choose Paint. The person can use to opt the kind of paint he need for each surface through this feature.

The opening also included a short demo on mixing paint colors through the Color Factory Machine. It is a state-of-the-art one-stop shop offering all colors in a push of button. Different to manual mixing practiced usually, this mixing machine adopts computerization approach that produces consistent and exact desired paint color.

Davies Paints is first company in the country to produce the fully computerized paint mixing service in the Philippines.

The machine has more than 7,000 colors ready to mix. Aside from that, this Color Factory can provide free consultancy services for customers painting needs like color combinations and required paint volume. It helps customers through eliminating time-consuming “trials and errors” just to arrive with the exact color.

Davies Paints can be found at Ground Level of Avalon Building, ZOne 5, Kauswagan Highway, Cagayan de Oro City.


Take a look on my following Davies Paints showroom opening article published on BusinessWeek Mindanao, September 21-22 issue.

BWM September 21-22, 201514